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The Mission of Community Training and Research Institute is to Enrich and Enhance the Quality of life for community residents and families . We accomplish this by training youth and adults. Our training equips recipients with skills and values that will increase their probability of success.


Guide To understand The Principles Of Manhood

Guide to Understanding the Principles of Manhood is a dynamic life changing book. It addresses the twenty-three principles that cultivate the soil from which manhood grows. Each chapter can be used as a springboard for conversation to enhance the character growth in men, women and children. This book has also served as a training tool for women in the Substance Abuse Treatment Unit Program for the Connecticut Mental Health Department at Yale University.

What We Do

For any mission or goal to be achieved there must be a logical plan and process that lends itself to carrying out specific tasks that are in harmony with the goal and mission. We address negative or deficient behavior. Our venues of learning take place in schools, businesses, churches, community organizations and correctional facilities. We provide leadership and mentoring programs for youth. We also provide training for adults in parenting, anger management,conflict resolution, budgeting, home ownership, decision making and workforce skills.

Our Services

About Us

The purpose of Community Training and Research Institute is to address the needs of individuals and families. Empower them through education and training in budgeting, economic development, parenting, mentoring, positive social behaviors and job training. Fostering and promoting community wide interest and concern for the problems existing in our communities. CTRI has also partnered with the U.S.

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Our Philosophy

During the 1960’s and 70’s the United States, as well as the rest of the world, underwent a major social transition. These changes addressed issues of civil rights, women’s rights and a host of other social issues. Often, major change is accompanied by confusion. The reality is that though many of the changes we experienced during this period were good, we must conclude that we lost sight of some of the boundaries.

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Who We Are

Ronald M. Barnes, Executive Director

Mr. Barnes has a Master of Science Degree in Business Management. He has in excess of fifteen years of experience in the banking and mortgage industry. He is the author of the book “Guide to Understanding the Principles of Manhood” and has been involved in mentoring, human services and consulting in excess of ten years.

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