Book Testimonials

Ronald M. Barnes has captured the underlying problem that permeates within the family today. His book “Guide to Understanding the Principles of Manhood” offers a Godly inspired blueprint for developing men as opposed to adult males. The twenty-three Principles of Manhood are a collection of values that provide clear guidance for character growth for a boy’s transition into manhood.
The man who embraces and lives the Principles of Manhood then gives confirmation to a woman to expect a man to be a man. As a mother with sons, I believe this is a life changing, must read book.

Valeriano, Waterbury Ct.

I am the father of a 14 year old son and a 10 year old daughter. As a parent I would sometimes struggled to have meaningful conversations with my children because of the parental and generational divide. “Guide to Understanding the Principles of Manhood” helped me tremendously in this regard. Each of the principles provided a springboard topic for me to have meaningful conversations that are abundant with positive values. This book helped me strengthen my relationship with my children and my wife. I believe this book will have a positive impact on the life of every man, woman and child who reads it.

Gilbert, New Orleans, LA

Culturally, young black men are an endangered species in America in much the same way as they were in the Jim Crow era.  It was the responsibility of the father, grandfather, uncles and father figures in the community to have the “talk” with each young man to ensure his survival in a hostile world.  They would pass down the wisdom and tenets of what it meant to be a man.  Today that cultural tradition is missing, exasperated by the phenomenon of single mothers and absent fathers.  In the wake of so many young men of color being gunned down in the street, the tenuousness of black life has reached crisis proportions.  Clearly we need a return to our tradition of steering young men through the travails of life.  In that sense, the Guide to Understanding the Principles of Manhood, written by Ronald M. Barnes,  provides the blueprint for reviving such a tradition and should be  du jour reading for every young man of color.

Dr. A. Mendenhall, New Haven, CT